The brief required me to re-imagine how a brand from 2019 would stretch their product range in the next 15 years. I selected Innocent Smoothies due to their strong ties with health and well-being. I believed their product range would expand towards office based technology in the future, while maintaining the same ethos of promoting a healthy lifestyle.​​​​​​​
In many offices, sedentary behaviour is increasing. Of great concern is poor posture, back pain and irreversible damage to the spine arising from sitting too long in unergonomic positions. 
My future concept is Uplift, a posture monitoring hub that encourages office workers to reduce slouching and sedentary time. It works with a shirt worn by the user, which has geo-spatial sensors. The hub can recreate human movement accurately using these sensors, providing a live view of the users’ posture. This can encourage and empower them to change their posture and be more aware of their well-being.