In this project for Canon, I designed a device to simplify the process of Photogrammetry, where a large number of cameras are placed in different positions and angles around an object to take images of every view, then stitched together using software to create a 3D model.
My focus for this project was on Reverse Engineering, and how creating a device which only required a single camera for the process of Photogrammetry could make it more affordable and accessible to those who cannot afford the traditional setup.
The concept, Canon Arc, works by mounting a camera onto the arc, which works in unison with the base which rotates, to take images of the top hemisphere of anything placed on the base. These images can then be stitched together into a 3D model which can be edited or shared.
Ideally, in real life scenarios, this product would be a cheaper and smaller alternative to the traditional setup, used by engineers in office spaces who need to recreate or reverse engineer a product to find dimensions or edit particular aspects.