This project involved working with Bosch to design and create a prototype for an innovative gardening tool. It also required working closely with a client within the gardening industry to gain further understanding on the problems they face in real life scenarios.
I decided to create a set of precision shears focused on improving the intuitive use using semantics. They were designed to assist professional gardeners in high speed and accuracy trimming. Specialising in trimming of softer materials in the garden in a quick and efficient manner. The structure of the tool was inspired by traditional Japanese gardening shears which use material flex to provide a bounce back effect to allow the user to trim materials easily and quickly with one hand. I believed that professional gardeners would benefit from having a tool focused on precision that also featured an ergonomic design for use over a long period of time.
The model was created by 3D printing. The form of the shears is designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic grip for users to hold for long periods of time. The design features two removable blades attached to handles that bypass each other, causing any material in between them to be cut. The handles are attached by an enclosed hinge to restrict unnecessary movement and keep the handles and blades aligned. A compression spring is placed in between both handles to provide a bounce back effect allowing the tool to function as intended.